Sriramarao Gandikota

Welcome to My Website!

Heartiest Welcome to my WebSite.


Through this website join me in the journey that I have undertaken in my favorite interests and the experiences that I have been fortunate to have. Through my childhood, the days of NCC and marching in front of and meeting Prime Minister Nehru to leading various operations and organizations in the Indian Navy and thus serving our great nation in the cause of peace, security and safety, to the pursuit of learning Carnatic Vocal Music and then combining my lifelong passion of Phialtely and Numismatics with it to discover a completely new sphere of art and science I have had some fantastic experiences and learnt a number of things from different fields including computers. Completely unexpected it seemed that life took a wonderful turn when again I had the opportunity to march in front of another Prime Minister this year at IFR 2016. Today as I fight to recover from my injury earlier this year to my spinal cord, I with the help of my family, friends and doctors hope to create new hope to others who are less fortunate than I am. 

So come join me on this ride and see the sights and hear the sounds from all my journeys...

It's my life's work to combine music, with philately and numismatics and how in all cultures we celebrate music through stamps and coins. Just like the waves of the seas when I sailed the seven seas, the waves of music make my spirits soar to new heights and inspire deep respect for the masters who excel in it. Their blessing that encourages me in my pursuits and my interests. 

International Fleet Review & Exhibition, February 2016
Had a fantastic IFR! Marched at the front of the veterans squad and in front of the PM Mr. Modi. Had a very good Naval and Music Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition at Visakha Museum and it was inaugurated by Adm. Soni. 

Working on recovery
Had a nerve transplant surgery, metal braces around spinal cord and stem cells transplant. Now working hard on physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Latest News

Accident and Injury
Fell down from 10 feet height due to neighbor's stupidity and superstitions. 

Introducing my Web site
I am pleased to announce the opening of my new web site that contains information about me and various interests and passions of mine. Here you can find knowledge and my articles on various subjects like the Navy, Philately, Numismatics, and others. 

Music, Philately, Numismatics and the Navy... the passions of my life.